Egyptian German Automotive

The Egyptian German Automotive Company was founded 1996 as a Joint-Venture between Egyptian entrepreneurs and Daimler AG. Supported by the Egyptian government, EGA built a high-tech plant in the industrial area of 6th of October City, some 30 km southwest of Cairo. During the following years EGA managed to achieve sustained growth by extending the model range and sales figures. Starting with the E-class model in 1997 and the C-class followed in 1999 as CKD production and additionally starting 2006 with SKD production for the S-class followed by GLK in 2009.

As an ambitious expansion step, EGA decided to include automotive components production in its activities, starting with the brake disc production. In 2002, with a state of the art CNC machining line, EGA started supplying both solid and ventilated brake discs to Daimler AG, to be then distributed worldwide to cover the Mercedes-Benz spare parts needs. Being a major safety part, brake discs are produced with very high accuracy and subjected to intensive quality checks. Since the start-up of the brake disc production EGA has managed to meet Daimler AG requirements and to deliver products with Zero defect at the customer side. Encouraged by the success of the brake disc production project, through a just in time delivery system, EGA is exporting its products to different assembly plants in Germany as well as to the global spare parts center. Our market share is improving due to the excellent product quality and competitive price.

Competitiveness and product quality perfection are the way forward for a sustainable growth. Thus, aiming to enhance competitiveness by eliminating raw castings import logistics cost and making use of the cost advantages incorporated with investing in Egypt, EGA decided to invest in a local green field grey cast iron foundry jointly with other investors.
EKF(Egyptian Kuwaiti Foundries)was established early 2014. The green field foundry construction is in process. Soft SOP planned Q1/2018.

Following EGA's philosophy being a benchmark in the field of automotive production in an emerging market, the company has been awarded by several quality certificates and honored by visit of the president of Egypt and the president of Germany as well as many other high-ranking officials and prominent business people from Egypt and other countries. Being a successful example of cooperation between one of the most famous German brands and Egyptian entrepreneurs, EGA is always striving to expand and serve as a "shining star" for the whole region.